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Location : Online : hosted by Manchester on zoom click for link.

Attendees from MercuryDPM teamDate: 15h April


Wedenday 15th Short Presentations. Who want to give one from the Mercuryteam, below is some suggest please edit titles or add it you want to say something else.


Note to speakers: Try to keep to 15mins and leave time for discussion and please give technical details.


Time CESTTime BSTPersonTopic

Thomas Weinhart


Overview of MercuryDPM and coupling techniques

11.30-12.0010.30-11.00Mitchel Post

Under-resolved particle-fluid coupling with oomph-lib – MercuryDPM

12.00-12.3011.00-11.30Hongyang Cheng

Concurrent multi-scale modeling: surface coupling for particle-structure interactions

12.30-14.0011.30-13.00 Lunch
14.00-14.3013.00-13.30Hongyang Cheng

Concurrent multi-scale modeling: volume coupling and application to wave propagation

14.30-15.0013.30-14.00Julius Mbaziira

Parallelisation (discussion on how coupled code can be parallelised)

15.00-15.1014.00-14.10Timo Plath

Pitch presentation: multiscale DPM-PBM coupling framework discretized by FEM:

15.10-15.2014.10-14.20Juan Esteban Alvarez Naranjo

Pitch presentation: multiscale coupling for thermomechanical problems

15.20-15.3014.20-14.30Yousef Shaheen

Powder-scale approaches to hydro- and thermodynamics.


General discussion

Hongyang Cheng: Elastoplastic constitutive models

16.30-17.0015.30-16.00 How to manage (release discussion)


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