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Founding date 16.06.2015 (19:15h, in the faculty club, baptized on 13.11.2015 16:20h)


Bundle the great computational expertise at the University of Twente (UT) across all faculties.
Enhance visibility and show a stronger, common face to the world. Profit from common activities,
create synergy, learn from each other during lecture series and a yearly Computational day.

What are we?

We form a group of people who - based on content, research, science, engineering - have a common interest in computing.
WHY? Added value ...



Claudia Filippi (CF)
Anthony Thornton (AT)
Wouter den Otter (WO)
Ton vd Boogaard (TB)
Bernard Geurts (BG)
Stefan Luding (SL)


Related Research Institutes (@UTwente)


Participating Groups (in random order)

Multiscale Mechanics (MSM, CTW, MESA+)
Anthony Thornton, Wouter den Otter, Thomas Weinhart, Vanessa Magnanimo, Stefan Luding,,

Computational Chemical Physics (CCP, TNW, MESA+)
Claudia Filippi, Wim Briels, Wouter den Otter

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (MMS, EWI)
Bernard Geurts

Nonlinear Solid Mechanics (CTW)
Ton van den Boogaard

Mathematics of Computational Science (MESA+, EWI)
Jaap van der Vegt

Production Technology (PT, CTW)
Remko Akkerman, Ismet Baran

Chair of Product-Market Relations (CTW)
Jörg Henseler (

 Department of Biomechanical Engineering (MIRA, CTW)
Bart Koopman, Herman van der Kooij

Energy Technology (THW, CTW) 
Gerrit Brem

Engineering Fluid Dynamics (TS, CTW)
Kees Venner, ...

Physics of Fluids (POF, TNW, MESA+, MIRA)
Roberto Verzicco, Andrea Prosperetti, Jens Harting, Jacco Snoeijer, Devaraj van der Meer, Detlef Lohse

Materials Science and Technology of Polymers (TNW, MESA+)
Sissi de Beer

Applied Analysis (EWI)
Stephan van Gils

Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics (BMS)
Frank van der Velde

Computational Materials Science (TNW)
Paul Kelly

Formal Methods and Tools Group (EWI) 
Chair Software Engineering
Department of Computer Science
Mehmet Aksit

Earth Observation Science (EOS, ITC)

George Vosselman (ITC)
Sander J. Oude Elberink (ITC)
Francesco C. Nex (ITC)

Spatial Hydrology and Water Resources Management (WRS, ITC)
Z. (Bob) Su




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