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  1. Problem: Even after the last fix, there are still nan/inf values in the fstat files. These nan's in the fstat files cause nan's in the stat files. 
    Solution: Dariel Hernández Delfin: Check that the nan values in the fstat files are for contacts with zero force (i.e. they can be ignored). Remove them from the fstat file (e.g. sed -i 's/nan/0/g' *.fstat). Then your stat files should be without nan's
  2. Problem: f^nu-phi^nu vs phi^nu plots are incorrect: f^nu-phi^nu should be 0 at phi^nu equal to 0 and 1, and the plots for spheres and ellipsoids should be point-symmetric (because f^sp+f^el=1, phi^sp+phi^el=1).This must be a bug
    Solution: Dariel Hernández Delfin should find the bug.  
  3. Dariel showed me plots that show a quite clear correlation between segregation strength and contact overstress f_c^nu-phi^nu, not with kinetic-overstress. 
    To show this clearly: Dariel Hernández Delfin plot overstress f^nu-phi^nu as a function of aspect ratio (for both kinetic and contact). You could limit the data to phi^nu values between 0.4 and 0.6 to get reliable data for such a plot.
  4. Problem: The overstress behaviour seems different near the drum wall
    Solution: Dariel Hernández Delfin color the data taken from near the wall differently, so we can distinguish.
  5. Problem: Raul cannot see the notes I think
    Solution: Thomas Weinhart Get Raul to sign up to confluence.

2020-10-7 Meeting notes Dariel 

  1. Plots are now symmetric. Data shows two competing mechanisms, f^c-f^k and f^k-phi. 
  2. We should add Chute data
  3. Suggestion for Mercury by Raul: estimate contact point of superquadrics with spherocylinder
  4. Suggestion by Raul: You can define quite general shapes using spherocylinders with a variable radius.