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  • Add more documentation: This is a group effort, but especially important for the new users/developers: by documenting code you learn how the code works and make it easier for others to use. 
    • Document 
    •  Tutorial 10 documented
    •   Review Tutorial 13 (Thomas Weinhart)
    •  Update outdated documentation (cg)
    •  Review \todo's
    •  Open questions on Questions
    •  Report bugs on website
    •  Make videos to demonstrate work (Youtube, MercuryDPM website)
    •  Send us papers using Mercury for the Website.
    •  Review DNS records (Anthony Thornton)
    •  Tutorial on STL reading, and splitting STL files (Sahar Pourandi)
    •  There is a folder, Add. Documentation where you can put pdf's where features are described
  • New features: Finalise new features, then add to Trunk.
    • ..
  • Bug fixes: Work on the bugs reported in The most important ones are:
    • ..
  • Branches
    •  Merging: Thursday Anthony will review which Branches are kept. (Anthony Thornton)
  • Move to git. (Anthony Thornton)
  • Invited speakers: Any suggestions for invited speakers.
  • Schedule a discussion 
    •  On contact models (next week), why we make certain decisions (May 11)
      • Rolling velocity is currently calculated with diameter.
      • Yield criterium based on dissipation.
      • Tutorial 9 on inclined plane.
      • Papers cited.
    •  Julius Mbaziira on parallel programming (May 4)
      • how to run MercuryDPM on OpenMP/MPI
    •  Juan Esteban Alvarez Naranjo Presentation on Multiparticles (May 7)
    •  Timo Plath Polydispersity
  • Social Events on Friday [1]
  • For each feature make a Tutorial and UnitTest? Or can they be combined?
  • ..
  • Servers
    • Some users cannot access confluence.
      • This is not a server issue as confluence is running, it may be a DNS issue
    • Also if you use firefox you get the old website. Therefore there is some sort of DNS issue.