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  • Add more documentation: This is a group effort, but especially important for the new users/developers: by documenting code you learn how the code works and make it easier for others to use. 
    • Document 
    •  Tutorial 10 documented
    •   Review Tutorial 13 (Thomas Weinhart)
    •  Update outdated documentation (cg)
    •  Review \todo's
    •  Open questions on Questions
    •  Report bugs on website
    •  Make videos to demonstrate work (Youtube, MercuryDPM website)
    •  Send us papers using Mercury for the Website.
    •  Review DNS records (Anthony Thornton)
    •  Tutorial on STL reading, and splitting STL files (Sahar Pourandi)
    •  There is a folder, Add. Documentation where you can put pdf's where features are described
  • New features: Finalise new features, then add to Trunk.
    • ..
  • Bug fixes: Work on the bugs reported in The most important ones are:
    • ..
  • Branches
    •  Merging: Thursday Anthony will review which Branches are kept. (Anthony Thornton)
  • Move to git. (Anthony Thornton)
  • Invited speakers: Any suggestions for invited speakers.
  • Schedule a discussion 
    •  On contact models (next week), why we make certain decisions (May 11)
      • Rolling velocity is currently calculated with diameter.
      • Yield criterium based on dissipation.
      • Tutorial 9 on inclined plane.
      • Papers cited.
      • Action points (see ContactLaws.pdf)
      • Mindlin rolling/torsion stiffness is fixed to sliding stiffness, as in Katterfeld, so no todo.

      •  Yousef Shaheen Raïsa Roeplal Document which contact laws we have, give references

        Raïsa Roeplal Rolling velocity is differently implemented than in Luding2008 (based on radius, not diameter)


        ElasticModulus is the effective elastic modulus, should be renamed. Rename, also Shear. In next release, change convention. Timo Plath

      •  Raïsa Roeplal Coulomb’s law is for static cases. Should diffusion be included to repulsive forces? Give an option to exclude diffusion/cohesion
    •  Julius Mbaziira on parallel programming (May 4)
      • how to run MercuryDPM on OpenMP/MPI
    •  Juan Esteban Alvarez Naranjo Presentation on Multiparticles (May 7)
    •  Timo Plath Polydispersity
  • Social Events on Friday [1]
  • For each feature make a Tutorial and UnitTest? Or can they be combined?
  • ..
  • Servers
    • Some users cannot access confluence.
      • This is not a server issue as confluence is running, it may be a DNS issue
    • Also if you use firefox you get the old website. Therefore there is some sort of DNS issue.