Informal meeting of Stefan Luding with Ed Brinksma. 1100-1150, Sept. 16

I presented our initiative, ideas, and wiki to our Rector UT.
He welcomes this idea and initiative, but also asks us to work out more clearly the added value for the UT, and
then we can use this to present our ideas to the board of the university - before we can get a place in the UT organisation
and on the UT website.

Besides suggestions (members from outside the UT?) and some questions, like what is the role in the UT structure?,
he explicitly asks us for a meeting to give him our advise on local, national and international computing facilities,
and also he hopes we can play a role in data-managment by helping the service providers to optimize the
provided services, and the users to learn how to do it.

Concerning our name, he found "Centre" being less meaningful and the word "platform" more inviting - so consider this for the name voting.